Juan In A Million

World Premiere

Friday & Saturday Screenings Postponed Because Of Technical Difficulties With Film.

Replaced With The Black Tulip.

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Juan Pablo Garcia is a Business Administration student from Chile with hopes to be able to study a year abroad. His expectations are high and he hope to get into Harvard Business School. For that he has been applying and gathering references, grades, writing essays, cover letters and even video interviews. For a long time he leaves his life on the bench and works hard for his purpose.

On the morning of December 17Th, 2012, Juan goes and delivers his application at his University in Santiago de Chile. After a long year of work he's finished term and is ready for a great summer vacation and wait for the Harvard results. Juan goes to take a nap back home after that hard night and day of work finishing up the process.

Juan wakes up in what seems like hours of sleeping with a huge head ache and nausea. After composing himself he realizes he has to hurry for the last party with his friends from the University. After driving a few blocks he realizes the streets are quite calm for a Friday night. Juan arrives to the party to realize that the entire house is empty but there is still music and food everywhere. Juan starts to panic and goes back to his car to take a closer look at the city. He soon realizes that he is completely alone in the city.

Juan tries to accept what is happening and realizing that the Internet appears to work sends a message to who might be listening to contact and help him. After raiding all his friends and family houses in the city Juan soon realizes that they wont come back soon and that he is definitely alone.

Santiago de Chile passes from being a 4,5 million inhabitant city, to having just 1 person on the streets. Juan.

Juan must begin his quest to survive in an abandoned world. He keeps looking for answers on where did the people go but he also asks even bigger questions. Why was he left behind. Juan begins a race against time not only to seek the answers but also to maintain his sanity. He is the outcast in the remains a perfectly normal city.

Days pass by and there is no clear answer to Juan's questions, he is pretty certain that he has heard sounds around the city but he has no evidence that anybody is there. After searching entire neighborhoods and houses he finally begins to settle in this awkward world, with its advantages and disadvantages. Living the large life and also controlling himself to not go crazy. After a while he begins missing some of the important people, his parents, family, friends and most importantly his ex girlfriend. The reason why he wanted to Harvard in the first place.

Juan being having recurrent dreams about a beach. A beach where he finds himself happy, and in the company of his ex girlfriend. For some reason he seems happy, but everything feels unnatural, like from out of this world.

Christmas and New Year go by and Juan is suffering the affects of his solitude, he be friends a small figure that he had in his room. The figure of a popular old soccer player. Ronaldo, becomes his only ally and friend in this world.


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06.28.12 - 7:00 pm
1 hour 45 minutes