Jesus Was A Commie - Screens With Confidence Game & Mixed & Matched Shorts

Short Film - Screening With Film With Confidence Game & Mixed & Matched Shorts

Jesus Was a Commie elegantly and intelligently captures an audience desperate to understand what is happening across our country. Using unambiguous language that openly presents two swamplands America is presently bogged down in: environmental degradation and partisanship. Actor Matthew Modine's words are as plain and simple as a parable from his film's title character. Jesus Was a Commie is an avant-garde dialectical conversation about the world and the prominent issues of modern society.


Could it be argued that Jesus was a Communist? There's no question he was a revolutionary. But not with violence. His revolution involved a complete and dramatic change in the way people thought; progressive and liberal thinking. With no army and no weapons, he led a group of young people toward a new, more humane way of thinking; toward a philosophy of love and forgiveness. He may have been a supporter of a political ideology that advanced an egalitarian society based on common ownership of property. These are the ideas explored in the new avant-garde short film, JESUS WAS A COMMIE, co-directed and edited by Terence Ziegler.

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06.29.12 - 7:00 pm
1 hour 45 minutes
The Kate
06.30.12 - 4:45 pm
2 hours
The Kate