Eclectic Shorts

3:30pm Friday May 17

Eclectic Shorts Fri 3:30pm Room

Sweetheart  17 min. France Dir. Jeremie Seguin - Overtaken by his childhood memories, a teenager finds out the emotional gap that separates him from his mother, who has never showed any sign of affection towards him. Closer to his father, he fears his own mother, who for him is responsible for the stormy climate present in the family. Step by step, he will realize that his parents are not quite those he has imagined.

Away from the Ribbon  26 min. Dir. Jarek Zabczynski – Mackenzie is a confident young girl with a passion for dance. Like anyone else her age she works hard in school and extra curricular activities, she has a best friend, and now...a crush on a boy. Although she has a very loving and supportive mother, she is a child of divorce and misses her distant father. While juggling all the stresses of growing up she has been dealt another blow.

Shallow  5 min. Dir. Jonathan Cortes - The story of a lifeguard who's not at the job for the right reasons.

No Returns 15 min. Dir. Maria Cordova - Karina and Emilia are two young novices that live in a religious order. Emilia is a novice with a deep and strong vocation. Karina instead is a youthful rebel that hides from the authorities behind the doors of the convent. Once they notice the police are getting increasingly closer to her, Karina asks Emilia to help her orchestrate an escape.

Mick the Webseries  3.5 min. Dir Roger Aylward - Mick is a dark comedy web series about a recovering alcoholic and addict who now spends his days drinking coffee and trolling customers in his favorite bar, pondering life’s questions and cofounding his therapist.

Morning Jack  3.5 min. Dir Roger Aylward -Ad Parody of a new Jack Daniels product that he's fathers cope with the stress of raising children in a complicated world.

The Most Disinterested Man in the World   1 min. Dir Roger Aylward - Dos Equis ad Parody

Have You Tried...   2 min. Dir Roger Aylward - Pharmaceutical ad parody

If I Were a Carpenter  7 min. Dir Roger Aylward - What if Jesus were a carpenter today? Does he have insurance? Does he negotiate his prices? Can he get the project done in six days? These are the questions.


05.17.19 - 3:30 pm
1 hour 15 minutes