NY & NJ Tri- State Filmmaker Shorts Showcase III

6:40pm Friday May 17

NY & NJ Tri- State Shorts III Fri 6:40pm

Sins of the Son 16.75 min. Dir. Matt Newton - On the eve of his last professional fight, a boxer comes face to face with the looming demise of his career, and his father.

Anyone Like Me 26 min. Dir. Mimi d'Autremont - Anyone Like Me explores the intersection of Deaf culture and America’s favorite pastime: football. The Gallaudet University Bison of Washington, D.C. are the world’s only collegiate deaf and hard of hearing football team. 90 percent of deaf and hard of hearing individuals are raised in families with no prior knowledge of American Sign Language or Deaf culture. This project follows coach Shelby Bean, 25, a Hard of Hearing man and former Bison team captain. Shelby, along with his players, say before they came to Gallaudet they shared the experience of marginalization for their perceived ‘disability,’ and sports was often the only place they ever felt normal. When Shelby came to Gallaudet as a freshman he didn’t know anything about Deaf culture or ASL, but through the football team he found his place within the culture and his Hard of Hearing identity.

The Sheriff of Goodtimes 13 min. Dir. Brad Hinkle - Robert Saidenberg, The Sheriff of Goodtimes, has been part of the Greenwich Village music scene since the early 60s. In this film, The Sheriff takes you on a Bluegrass journey from MacDougal Street and Washington Square Park to the late-night session in Alphabet City. Bluegrass music has a long history in New York and continues to attract young top-level players who bring fresh ideas to the traditional songs of Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs. The jam session provides a venue for musicians of all levels to play together, and is an important part of sustaining this community of Goodtime pickers and singers.

Korean American 23.5 min. Dir. Erica Moon - This documentary follows the journey of a young, Korean American, female filmmaker discovering her roots. As she encounters more frank conversations with her grandmother, parents, and cousin, she learns that the three generations have come to identify "Korean American" differently. These varying perspectives lie at the crossroads of family relationships and a desire to preserve history.

05.17.19 - 6:40 pm
1 hour 20 minutes