Asian Shorts Program - New Haven Premieres

2:45pm Fri May 17 - Gateway Community College

Asian Shorts Fri 2:45pm

Leaving 13 min. USA Dir. Chenyun Huang - A short narrative film captures the daily life of a three-generations of a Chinese family while the grandfather suffers through the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Through the eyes of a little girl, we see family members’ different emotional reactions to the old man’s irreversible dementia and how it affects the girl’s perception of death.

A Farewell 13 min. China Dir. Yifei He - A Farewell follows Danni, a young Chinese girl who comes home to pay her respect to her late grandfather. Out of place in her grandpa's traditional Muslim environment, she unearths a hidden secret of her past. Against her parents' wishes, she embarks on a journey in the suppressed but mesmerizing world of Islamic culture in modern China.

The Last Story 23.5 min. India Dir. Samir Raees - Abhinav Sharma a young story writer in New Delhi lives alone with his lavish life. His carrier is at his peak as a brainstormed Crime stories. His stories became fame for the magazine company AUTHOR. Meanwhile there is a serious and brutal crime rising up in the streets of New Delhi.

A House of One’s Own 16 min. Dir. Liyan Zhao - Immigrant dreams and aspirations- past, present, and future-are revealed through the spaces of a suburban house.

Everything in the past has life 13.25 Dir. Zhongkai Li - In a culture that prizes male children to carry on the family name, many Chinese families under the One-Child Policy concealed having additional children. LGBT artist and filmmaker Zhongkai Li was born in 1993, when China's family planning policies had been in force for nearly 20 years. As the third child and only son to his family, he relates a story of his upbringing. Shortly before he left for college, his mother told him the secret story of his birth. Li asks how his family's life could have been different, and wonders how his fate may yet be intertwined with that of his mother.

A Family Recipe that Cannot be Followed Written Down 2.25 min. USA Dir. Elaine Zhang - A first-generation Chinese-American woman mourns her immigrant father by following the traditional family recipe that she learned from him as a little girl.

Murakami’s Main Character 18.5 min. USA Dir. Cary Chen - Murakami’s Main Character is a magic realism coming-of-age short film about an independent college freshman David who hopes he can cut himself off from his helicopter parents. But after they are gone he discovers he needs family and tries to get them back.

05.17.19 - 2:45 pm
1 hour 30 minutes