"MADAGASIKARA" Human Rights, Politcal & Environmental Disaster

Thur 12:00pm May 16 - Gateway Community College

"Madagasikara" Three resilient women fight for better futures for their children in one of the most misunderstood countries in the world - Madagascar - a beautiful African island nation crippled by decades of political instability and crushed by international sanctions imposed in 2009.

Madagasikara Trailer from Sohei on Vimeo.

Director Biography - Cam Cowan
Cam stopped practicing law to create Sohei Productions, believing that documentary film can give voice to those not seen or heard and can move the justice dial in ways conventional law and politics cannot. The Sohei were Buddhist warrior monks in feudal Japan, and Cam took this name for the production company to reflect the view that in matters of human rights and social justice, compassion is necessary but not enough. Action is also required.

"Madagasikara" is now being submitted to film festivals. Sohei's second film, “Opeka”, the inspiring story of the extraordinarily gifted humanitarian Father Pedro Opeka, is in post-production. These films are related. The first is about survival. The second about hope.


05.16.19 - 12:00 pm
1 hour 15 minutes