Tri-State Shorts NY / NJ II

6:30pm Fri May 4 - Gateway Community College

High Place    Directed By: Sarah Sitzler.   After working the morning shift at a nursing home, teenage Jackie drifts between her blue collar hood and a more affluent area, letting off steam with a BB gun in between. Parents are not all there, even if they are physically present, because 'money don't fix crazy'. Everyone and their mother looking for a high in this quiet slice of life film.

The Singer    Directed By: Steven Swancoat.  After meeting a boy on the subway, a young aspiring singer goes on a musical journey of self discovery… Or so she thinks.

Robbery for Dummies    Directed By: Brenna Williams.   Two former employees, Charlie Bucket and Eddy, attempt to rob their boss’ home for an expensive wine bottle accidentally given to the boss. They prepare for the robbery in Eddy’s car, with some last minute reading about lockpicking. They creep up the front steps and find the door is open.They sneak through the house and into the living room, they find cat decor everywhere. Charlie notices a framed diploma for Esther Wilkens. They’re in the wrong house! They begin to throw cat stuffed animals at each other when a female voice comes from the hallway. An old woman, Esther, stands before them, thinking they are the plumbers she called. She offers them tea and cookies. As she’s about to suggest they start on the plumbing, Jimmy Richardson, Esther’s son (and Charlie and Eddy’s boss) enters. We learn that Jimmy shipped the bottle of wine to his boss who in turn also fired him. The film ends as they sit in the car outside Jimmy’s boss’ house, getting ready to rob the place.

Flower of Manhattan    Directed By: Ryan Bojanovic.  Caleb, a chess playing cook in Manhattan, blows it every time he gets a shot at a woman. This all changes when he is graced with an enchanted flower.

May 22, 2012    Directed By: Samantha Farinella.   A daughter reflects on the day she lost her mother.

The Invaders    Directed by: Mateo Marquez.  On her way home, Jayla, a Muslim girl, notices that she is being followed. Terror and confusion take over as Jayla struggles to escape the powerful force that is menacing her.  As Anti-Muslim sentiments spread through Western societies, The Invaders imagines a not too distant future, in which an exaggerated fear of Islam has created systems without any moral or humanitarian regard.

05.04.18 - 6:30 pm
1 hour 15 minutes