"I Can Only Be Mary Lane" & Music Videos CT Premieres

6:30pm Thur May 16 - Gateway Community College

Chicago singer Mary Lane is one of the last living legends of American Blues.

I Can Only Be Mary Lane 60 min. Dir. Jesseca Ynez Simmons - Born in 1935, Chicago singer Mary Lane is one of the last living legends of American Blues. If only the world knew. At 82, Mary Lane is one of the last legendary Blues musicians that made the Great Migration from America’s south. Although Mary is widely respected in Chicago, she has never gotten the wider recognition she deserves. I Can Only Be Mary Lane follows Mary as she records just her second studio album and first in over 20 years. Her producer thinks it could potentially win her a Grammy, if only they can get it done.

I Can Only Be Mary Lane (Trailer) from Jesseca Ynez Simmons on Vimeo.

Wanna Be Younk: 7EVER feat SID WILSON (Slipknot) 3.5 min. Dir. Nika Finch - We all wanted once to go back to our younger age and live that carefree life to have a chance to make the right decision that can change things in the future. We all want to escape from the adult world into childhood. We have to remember who we've been and understood who we become, so maybe we can keep that harmless and clean look of life.

Ain't No Mystery 3.5 min. Dir. Dean Love - Bill Wynne receives his WWII draft notice, and during a night out with his girl Margie, finds it difficult to tell her that he is headed to the Southwest Pacific as a photo-reconnaissance photographer. As he tries to re-assure her that all will be fine, neither of them know the extent to which Bill will fall head-over-heels in love ... with "Smoky," a 4 lb. Yorkshire Terrier that will become the world's best-known therapy dog, entertainer, and hero. Scene is from the 35:15 short film, "Angel in a Foxhole."

The Drive - Faithless 5 min. Dir. Carson Smith - This music video takes you on a journey into the everyday lives of the two brothers know as The Drive, who escape their menial, mundane day jobs by losing themselves in the possibilities of where their music can take them.

Birth of Afrobeat 7 min. Dir. Opiyo Okeyo - African music pioneer, Fela Kuti once said, 'Without Tony Allen, there would be no Afrobeat”. In this hybrid live-action/animated short, filmmaker Opiyo Okeyo documents drum legend Tony Allen as he recounts his contribution to the birth of Africa's most exported music genre--Afrobeat.

Valley of the Bones 6.25 min. Dir. Dylan Trivette - A short-form music video documentary about the origin and collaborative process of singer-songwriter, Jane Kramer's deeply intimate song, "Valley of the Bones".

One Day 4 min. Dir. Jackson Turner - One Day is a deeply poetic and moving song about a world without injustice. The music video depicts artist Jackson Turner fighting different aspects of himself and finally being reborn free amidst crashing ocean waves. Themes explored in the song include an end of suffering, poverty, hunger, police brutality, colonialism and inequality. The song is sad yet hopeful. Jackson lets loose his anger and despair before wrapping himself in a cocoon and waking up to a new liberated world. One day it will come.


05.16.19 - 6:30 pm
1 hour 30 minutes