Tri-State Shorts NY / NJ I

4:45pm Friday May 4

Tri-State NY NJ Shorts I

Echoing Clouds    Directed By: ZIWEI YAO.    Hang makes a deal with a mob leader to settle his debt. That deal requires him to murder a monk who tries to influence Hang to reconsider his actions. Through the monk, Hang realises that both of them will soon share a similar karma. A bad karma that will make them suffer, one after another.

Musicians and Magicians    Directed By: Ben Williams.   Meet Henry - a flustered screenwriter who stages his life like a movie, while struggling to hold down a relationship with his girlfriend, Dorry, a down-to-earth therapist.

Herself    Directed By: Kintan Chauhan.   She gifted him "himself" by losing her own self, so he gifted her "herself" back! A special gift for mother.

Scenes from a Visit       Directed By: Neil Needleman   After being away for several months, a documentary filmmaker visits the remote home his aging parents bought. During the visit, he comes to realize that the years are catching up to his octogenarian father, an artist with a vivid imagination.

ABROAD      Directed By: Zayn Alexander.   Jad and Rania, a Lebanese couple living in New York City, struggle to achieve their shared dream of breaking into the acting industry due, in part, to the typecasting of Middle-Eastern actors. The combined pressures of juggling multiple day jobs and living so far from home begin to eat away at Jad, while Rania relishes the struggle. These differences are brought to light on the day that Jad proposes to Rania, and their relationship is put to a test as it becomes clear that their time abroad has left them yearning for different things.

Ready Or Not…     Directed By: John Romeo.  A game of hide and seek that has an unexpected ending.


05.04.18 - 4:45 pm
1 hour