CT Filmmaker Shorts Showcase III

8:45pm Friday May 4 - Gateway Community College

An Eclectic Mix Of Nutmeg Styles

CT Filmmakers Shorts Showcase III

Invisible      Directed by: Victoria Wojick.  An adolescent boy who is traumatized both psychologically and physically is befriended one summer by an empathetic and eccentric adolescent girl. She inspires him in ways that he only fully realizes as an adult. Inspired by true events.

She Came from the Woods    Directed by: Erik Bloomquist. A campfire story comes to life for a group of counselors on the last day of the summer at Camp Briarbrook. 

Huntress      Directed by: Miles Warren. After a tragedy in a small Connecticut town, Hannah wants to learn to shoot.

Untoward     Directed by:  Anthony Paul.  Untoward is a short film that tells the story of two women, Gretchen and Tara, who call a ride service after they leave a party. Once the driver Brad picks them up and Tara gets dropped off at her house, Gretchen is left alone with Brad. Soon Gretchen realizes she’s locked in a car with a man who intends to do her harm.

Solo      Directed by: Jayne Marie Magliocco.  A man refuses the help of a friend to cope with the burden of guilt.

05.04.18 - 8:45 pm
1 hour