Documentary Shorts I

3:15pm Thur May 3 - Gateway Community College

Documentary Shorts

Arrested (Again)    Directed By: Dan Goldes.   Activist Karen Topakian has been arrested dozens of times for using nonviolent civil disobedience to protest nuclear proliferation, human rights abuses, environmental issues, and war. What drives her to repeatedly put her body on the line?    In turn lighthearted and moving, Karen's story speaks to the need for Americans, now more than ever, to exercise this important First Amendment right.    Karen is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Greenpeace, Inc. She began protesting in New York City and her native Rhode Island as well as the greater New England area, and now lives in San Francisco, with her wife, Peg Stevenson.

Player Zero    Directed By: Sherien Barsoum.  Richard Amardi has a chance to play for the Raptors farm team — a step away from the NBA. But to make it happen, he’ll have to learn to control a wicked temper that’s hobbled his basketball career.

Back of the House    Directed By: Lia Kornmehl.  Back of the House is a short documentary film about the vital and undervalued role immigrants play in the restaurant industry. The film explores the strength of five Hispanic immigrants and tells their stories coming to and working in the United States. In addition to the personal narratives, three leaders in immigration law and policy: Susan Church, Vincent Rougeau, and Brian Lang, bring a unique perspective on how immigration has affected them.

SALTO    Directed By: Maryam Haddadi.  This is a portrait of a young girl who is the swimming “champion of champions”in Iran and there’s no competitor against her. A female champion who’sin spite of Islamic recommendations about learning how to swim and her own personal skills, has no place in Islamic republic government and no one really knows her. all swimming plan are shooting in underground way.

City of Shooters    Directed By: Aleksander Andersen.  Bridgeport in Connecticut, has been one of the US most dangerous cities. The city was coping with he high murder rate in the late 2010's, but last year the death tolls peaked once again.    Eric (20) is one the many black young men whose life takes place within a very few corners of Bridgeport, Connecticut – an old rustbelt-city from where the white people emigrated when the industry collapsed in the 2000s. Surrounded by prosperity in the wealthy state of Connecticut, the people of Bridgeport lack jobs, funding and quality education. Seemingly forgotten by the state politicians many find themselves in a circle of generational poverty where many find drugs and hustles their only possible income – a situation naturally accompanied by a territorial war in the streets.       After we first met Eric in the summer, two of his best friends was shot and killed, becoming the 19th and 20th victim of a wave of deadly violence who since has continued through 2017. One of his Friends, Eric Diaz, dreamed of telling stories with words, rapping. Now Eric is determined to fulfill the dream of his murdered friend. But Bridgeport is not a place where dreams come true. Its a place where dreams are suppressed in order to deal the reality of everyday life; A reality of violence, homocides, drugs and a deep feeling that their voices are not, and will never be, heard.     «City of shooters» is a story about a world widely different from the American dream, where everybody can make it, if they are willing to try.

Imagine Kolle 37    Directed By: Michele Meek.  "Imagine Kolle 37" is a short documentary/narrative hybrid film about two girls who imagine their way to Kolle 37, a real adventure playground in Berlin, Germany.     Recently called “the mother of all Berlin playgrounds” by The New York Times, Kolle 37 enables children to build and climb three-story wooden structures, make fire, and use hammers, saws and axes. Founded in 1990, Kolle 37 invites young people ages six through sixteen, without their parents, to embrace risky play in the "adventure playground" under the loose supervision of playworkers.     Although about 1,000 adventure playgrounds exist in Europe, there are only a few in the U.S. where the concept of "free play" is becoming an endangered concept. But adventure playgrounds not only encourage young people to play outdoors in all seasons, they also provide children a chance to face risk, learn skills, and build confidence.    Ultimately, "Imagine Kolle 37" poses the question—can we, as Americans, imagine Kolle 37, which in fact is a real children's playground in Berlin?

05.03.18 - 3:15 pm
1 hour 30 minutes