Comedy Shorts LYAO II New Haven Premieres

7:00pm Thur May 3 - Gateway Community College

Comedy Shorts  LYAO

The People's Cookie    Directed By: Ko Massiah.      After using Frida Kahlo's image to create a viral culinary sensation, a Los Angeles hipster is haunted by the deceased artist and her estranged husband, Diego Rivera.  Hilarity (and a sharped tongued debate on cultural appropriation) ensues

Good Business Sense    Directed By: Emmett Loverde.    A businessman proposes to his girlfriend in a private dining room at a fancy restaurant. He uses a business presentation, of course, which upsets her. Luckily a sympathetic waiter is at the ready to make sure things don't veer too far off course.

BLOOD    Directed By:    Blood The Web Series.    Sam, Nina, and Tom navigate a bloody night.

05.03.18 - 7:00 pm
1 hour