"Outcaste - The House that Carol Built" New Haven Premiere

11:30am Thur May 3 - Gateway Community College


Outcaste - The House that Carol Built

This is a unique story of faith, courage and magical thinking. A story of how the dream of an elderly English teacher finally comes true with the help of a rickshaw driver, a lapsed buddhist monk and a journey in to the high himalayas. It’s ‘The Marigold Hotel’ meets ‘Lost Horizon’.

"Outcaste" - The House that Carol Built New Haven Premiere 11:30am Thursday May 3 Gateway Community College from Thomas Carruthers on Vimeo.

Director Biography - Colin Graham, Laura Graham
COVIRO Productions is one of a new wave of small production houses springing up in Northern Ireland in response to the burgeoning film industry. Formed by Laura Graham and Colin Graham in 2011, it specialises in both narrative based and non-fiction films that have reached international audiences through art galleries, mainstream theatres, DVD, and the Internet. Colin Graham, a Masters graduate in Documentary film making with a background in business and construction is founder and CEO of COVIRO and has co-produced films for No Bad Films with Richard Jobson, naming The Somnambulists and Wayland’s Song, amongst them. In 2012 he produced IMBOLC, a short film supported by NISCREEN. He has gone on to work with a number of public bodies, producing and directing Internet based public information campaigns for rape awareness and violence.


Laura Graham, co director of COVIRO is a visual artist and former solicitor. Her art practice is extensive and multimedia incorporating drawing and painting, performance, installation and digital art. She wrote and directed her first short IMBOLC, and went on to receive a Best Director award from the Canberra Short Film festival and best musical score for the Madrid International Film Festival.

Together they write, direct and produce their films, whilst specialising in micro budgeting using digital formats, HD SLR cameras, and off line editing using adobe and final cut software.
This is the first feature from the company, with two in pre-production, developing on themes in this first film.

Director Statement
This is a unique story of faith and strength of belief of an elderly lady, an untouchable and a lapsed buddhist monk, a bit like the Marigold hotel meets ‘Lost Horizon’.

Carol Fraser is an eternal seeker living between England and India. With no home and no one to look after her as she ages, her indomitable spirit and holistic way of seeing the world has created a huge spiritual bank account and empty real one!
Presently a fit and happy 76 year old, she appreciates that things are likely to change, so she sets out to find someone who can help her in her old age, and whom she can help in return. In walks Chetan, the rickshaw wallah and his family . He dreams of a better life for his wife and children and like an Indian Robert Burns, self taught and driven to make the best for himself and his family, struggling against the caste system and it’s humiliations, he freely offers his only wealth, a tiny plot of land, to Carol to build her little refuge.

Carol may need Chetan and his wife and they may need a house and  a future for their children, but something greater is at stake.These two unlikely characters form a bond, of need and of vision.With very little money and no status, this is the story of how they manage with irrepressible faith, courage and tenacity and a smattering of help from Carol’s friend and taxi driver, Raju, the secret Lama.

Filmed over two years in India’s Himalayan region and briefly in Northern Ireland, the team follow Carol on this jour ney with her unlikely companions. Using a canon C300, filming run and gun style proved challenging in the harsh conditions with a combination of very high altitude, extremely dangerous roads, cramped conditions (a second hand Ford Fusion) and extended periods of time camping out.The edit proved equally difficult as the complicated story had to be teased from a huge amount of real time material.Working with FCPX and animated sequences to help explain the story, a combination of voice over and music score have been added to build the emotional arc of this extraordinary documentary.

05.03.18 - 11:30 am
1 hour