1:15pm Thur May 16 - Gateway Community College Part 2 or 4

Dramatic Shorts II Thur 1:15pm N100B

Limbs 5.75 min. Dir. Bryce Patingre - A runner attempts to beat his personal best on a training run. But he becomes extremely aware of his own mortal limits when he must help a fellow runner.

In Search Of 15.75 min. Dir. Edward Bowen - Your Answers - Though You May Not Like Them

The Wallpaper 7 min. Dir. Susie Conte - Rose is prescribed a ‘rest cure’ to treat her depression, but the isolation and boredom soon triggers a descent into psychosis as she discovers there is a woman living in the wallpaper.

Roots Grow Together 10 min. Dir. Hart Ginsburg

All These Little Things 11.5 min. Dir. Josh Kasselman - Young Alice is left in the care of a reclusive neighbor for the morning. As her parents lock horns over their crumbling marriage, she hatches a plan to brighten everyone's outlook, but the risks may outweigh the rewards.

DUKE 16.5 min. Dir. Thiago Dadalt - When a nonverbal autistic teen’s family is falling apart, he must find his voice to keep them together. Based on a True Story.

The Game  9.5 min. Dir. Guillermo Patrikios Alum - When a teenage boy is responsible for a tragic accident, he discovers that one way of not feeling responsible for his bad decisions is through a random roll of the dice.


05.16.19 - 1:15 pm
1 hour 30 minutes