Webseries Nirvana & Ads- Episodes From 5 Different Shows From New York To Australia!

10:45am Saturday May 5 - Gateway CC


"The Pitch" Directed by: Roberto Serrini -

What goes on in a creative's mind when he pitches a new idea... maybe now we know.     Full of slow mo, CG, crotch shots, and lots of industry catch phrases. HUZZAH!!!

"Cyclone Rake Commercial" Directed by: Ted Maynard - National ad campaign for Woodland Power Products.
"I Don't Think That's A Leaf Blower" Directed by: Stefano Pennisi - Two friends find a weird looking leaf blower and decide to show their friend Brian


" No Pink Cowboys " Directed by: No Pink Cowboys - Dating is hard when you're already in a relationship. No Pink Cowboys is a comedic web series that follows AB and Sam as they struggle to navigate the modern dating scene.
" The Show"  Directed by: Montgomery Mauro - The Show is a mockumentary about a low-budget theater production, where a washed-up playwright prepares to make his comeback, unpredictable actors try to make sense of a terrible script, and a director and stage manager attempt to wrangle them all together for opening night.
" Lucky Jay " Directed by: Harper Philbin - A liberal professor at a fictional Midwestern college takes on the new conservative college president.
" Tinder is the Night " Directed by: Misha Calvert - Inspired by real events, Tinder is the Night chronicles the online dating adventures of Eddie and her three girlfriends in New York City and the gorgeous, ugly, sexy, kinky, fantastically weird men and women they meet along the way. In the pilot, poor, dorky Eddie is excited about a hot first date, and her best friends try to help her comprehend the intricacies of online flirting. When Eddie gets over-anxious, her dating hopes collapse and leave her stranded in a nightmare of hot couples. It takes a run-in with an ominous night terror for Eddie to understand that happiness starts with self-love.
" My America" Directed by: Anna Jones  - My America is a six-part web series that tells the story of Lucian, a black artist and Uber-driver, and Carmine, a retired white police officer who is visiting his son in Los Angeles. Over the course of the week leading up to the November 8 election, each man, seemingly so different, experiences a parallel journey confronting personal and political challenges amidst the contrasting value systems of today’s America.

05.06.17 - 10:45 am
1 hour 45 minutes
Gateway Community College