Advertisements, Animations & Music Videos & Short Film: UNDO

9:00am Saturday May 5 - Gateway Community College

Short Film: UNDO

A story when narrated backwards gives the illusion of a different story!!  One such story, when narrated backwards--actions are undone, destruction turns into creation, Sin turns into Guilt, death turns into life and grief turns into hope. Would life turn beautiful, if we could undo actions that cause pain and suffering ?


Shadow    Directed By: lei lei.  This film tells about a girl who had been followed and abused sexually suffered sendary injuries which were all from different treatments of people around her.

Naqlah (transformation)    Directed By: Yousef Albagshi. During an ongoing devastating war, a young orphan, who lives with his mother, tries to put an end to the pain he suffers because of his disability. Paranormal activity happens to the world he lives in.

Effervescing Elephant    Directed By: Stephen Bobinski.  An animated musical short of Syd Barrett's "Effervescing Elephant"

Lucifer Sam    Directed By: Stephen Bobinski.  An animated musical short of the Syd Barrett composition, "Lucifer Sam"

Bright Side    Directed By: Marina    Bacino.    While 2017 looked bleak, there was so much good going on behind the scenes as long as you took the time to see the bright side of things.

Pivot of Turingsence    Directed By: Phenix J.F. Miao.    Commercial of Pivot (a smart device for tennis guidance and correction)   

Plus Communications Agency
- Promo 2018    Directed By: Andrea    Franceschini   

Moore Marsh, More Life
    Directed By: Damian Silver     Visualizing the subliminal energy of Sonnenmoor marsh products. Plain, yet bursting with life, the pirmeval power of natural mood explodes on screen in 75 breathtaking seconds.

Tokenize Everything    Directed By: Simonen Cassas.     Animation that explains how the Tokit application works
Music Videos       
The Twindows-Pulp    Directed By: Tedd Hazard.   A music video for the song "Pulp", by The Twindows.

Cheshi/Sentimental      Directed By:    Daniel Wyland.     A music video created by Daniel Wyland (director/cinematogrpher) for the music band CHESHI / Sentimental.

LiLa - 3Dots    Directed By: Stefano Pennisi     A music video for the song '3Dots' by LiLa. This is the first official single off their new album 'V'

05.05.18 - 9:00 am
45 minutes