Studious HS Student Shorts - Docs, Animations & Narratives

10:30am Saturday May 6 - Gateway CC

"Spiral" Directed By: Tatum Lenberg - Alcoholism, child abuse and violence --the end results don't always tell the full story.

"Two Of A Kind" Directed By: Charles Blecker - A troubled boy or just a bully? A budding friendship is threatened by increasing outbursts of anger.

"The Best Laid Plans" Directed By: Avi Abrams - A teenage boy tries to buy an essential item for a special night with his girlfriend. Initially not up to the challenge of making the purchase, he has to relive the moment until he can perfect it.

"Under the Wound" Directed By: George Luo - After being framed for cheating on a test, Emily asks her roommate, Sophie, to help her find out who framed her. However, as Sophie gets deeper in the case, she discovers a darker, revengeful story behind people around her, as well as everyone's duality, including that of herself.

"Neglect" Directed By: Olivia Rose Wallace - A mother's visceral outrage over an empty jug.

"A Pinch of Salt" Directed By: Sebastian Nyman Agdur - A woman gets caught up in the surreal anxiety of the final moments before an emotional meeting.

"Trust" Directed By: Heather Mooney - A refugee and an immigrant redefine the meaning of home and family and discover what it means to be free.

"Newsman" Directed By: Clay Bloodworth -  A passionate young sportswriter hearkens back to an era when print journalism was at its peak, a specific time and place he’s only romanticized up to this point.    Age at the time of completion: 17 years-old

"Covered" Directed By: TJ Noel-Sullivan - What is it like to live without insurance? Examining healthcare in America, Covered highlights the stories of those who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act, as well the unintended consequences of the law.



05.06.17 - 10:30 am
1 hour 15 minutes
Gateway Community College