International Shorts II

12:00pm Fri May 4 Gateway Community College

International Shorts II

FINGS    Directed By: Festival Formula Ltd.    When a book challenges a sheltered man's concept of reality, what can he trust is real?

Akado    Directed By: Max Volovik.  A cable guy comes to customer's apartment and meets his fate.

GIFT        Directed By: Keiya Ando.  KEISUKE is a college student who has a special gift of sharing one week of his life to other people. Can he save the people? or not…

Naughty Amelia Jane     Directed By: Risheeta Agrawal.    This film is a satire on the hilarious hypocrisy of society towards anything that goes against the "conventional social order of things”, told through a story of two girls who may or may not have had a connection.   This is a story about speculation.

SALTO    Directed By: Maryam Haddadi.   This is a portrait of a young girl who is the swimming “champion of champions”in Iran and there’s no competitor against her. A female champion who’sin spite of Islamic recommendations about learning how to swim and her own personal skills, has no place in Islamic republic government and no one really knows her. all swimming plan are shooting in underground way.

The Exhale    Directed By: Mohammad Hormozi.   After so many years, the father returns to his boyhood village along with his son, to bury the remains of his own father under his favorite tree. Meanwhile, somewhere on the grain fields and with his own child on the way, the son has to somehow break the news that the father’s death is close…

Hangover Food    Directed By: Festival Formula Ltd.      After a night out, Bruce wants to get back on it, but has a hard time convincing Lee, who feels like death; figuratively and literally.

Sengatan      Directed By: Paul Henri.     Based on true events. An Australian traveler lives a life of leisure swindling tourists in Indonesia for his own benefit but when a lucrative deal falls in his lap he has to confront the full extent and consequences of his greed


05.04.18 - 12:00 pm
1 hour 30 minutes