2:45pm Thursday May 3 Gateway Community College Part 1 of 3

Dramatic Shorts I       

The Rose Garden    Directed By: David Volino. Chris and Becca spend a night together, after not seeing each other for years.

Visage    Directed By: Jackson Tobiska.    This is a short film with a science fiction edge that addresses the topic of limited minority representation in Hollywood films.

Maddie    Directed By: Reuben Hernandez.   A typical Saturday night for twenty-something Maddie becomes a battle between who she is and who she could become.

Juliet    Directed By: Yaelle Amar.      Locked inside her house and deprived of a normal life by her religious father, Juliet, a dreamy high school girl, develops a secret love for the music video dancer Simon Jack. Juliet sees her quiet life turned upside down the day Simon Jack appears in her room and convinces her to escape.

Relax    Directed By: Matthew Herbertz.   Soon after the 2016 U.S. election, an anti-Trump activist waits outside a supporter’s home considering something that could result in deadly consequences.

Happy Valentine's Day    Directed By: Judy Febles.      A 10 year old girl is making a Valentines Day card for her crush, her mother wants to know for who, so she snatches it from her daughter to discover it's not what she thinks.       

05.03.18 - 2:45 pm
1 hour