12:00pm Thursday May 4 - Gateway CC Part 1 of 4

11:15am Friday May 5 - Gateway CC

" I'm Here For You " Directed By: Derek Garcia - This film is a journey through a young man’s mind in therapy, as he is faced with his fear that the love of his life may not last.


" GRAS: Generally Recognized as Safe " Directed By: Trinacria  Pictures  - Alex, the regional manager of a veterinary pharmaceutical company, risks losing the business of veterinarians in her California county, unless she can buy their loyalty before new FDA guidelines requiring farmers to get prescriptions for antibiotic use in livestock are enacted.   With corporate higher-ups threatening to close her branch if she can't meet her quota, Alex endeavors to win the veterinarians' business by touting a loophole in the new law promising the veterinarians that they can still profit, despite the guidelines' intentions. When one veterinarian challenges the legality of her recommendations, Alex's job, her family's survival, and the foundations of her beliefs hang in the balance.


" Papaunderwater " Directed By: Welf Reinhart - Manuel accidentally puts the life of his best friend, a fish, in danger. To save him Manuel has to fight against his own father. To see in the end, that maybe he and his father are fish, too.


" Photo Op " Directed By: Dave Solomon - A lonely Brooklyn photographer gets the courage to come out from behind his camera to capture his crush, but it turns out there is more to the picture than meets the eye.


" Adorn " Directed By: Elizabeth Melanson - A young woman confronts her emotionally unavailable boyfriend after he stands her up on their anniversary date. As the reality of their loveless relationship destroys her fantasy of how things could be, she is forced to either sacrifice her desire for love or face being alone.


" Ten More " Directed By: Brad Riddell - A concert pianist (David Pasquesi) receives a startling omen as he struggles to  recover from a traumatic brain injury.


" North & Nowhere " Directed By: Scott Ballard - A girl, a gun and a last chance.


" Brutus " Directed By: Egor Odintsov - German shepherd named Brutus got into a concentration camp and turned from a harmless pet into a killer.


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1 hour 45 minutes
Gateway Community College
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1 hour 45 minutes
Gateway Community College