"Opening Night! "The Frogmarch" CT Grown Feature

7:15pm Thursday May 4

1. To force (someone) to walk forward by holding and pinning their arms from behind.
2. Any method of making a resisting person move forward against their will.
To welcome Travis Portman home from a five-year prison sentence, his closest friends reunite for some fun at a remote lake house during a holiday weekend. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to relax and enjoy themselves. Tension mounts amongst the group as the true purpose of the trip becomes clear, to stage an intervention.

As the addict resists the well-intended plan, withdrawal becomes unbearable, secrets are exposed, and relationships are put to the test. None of them have the luxury of turning their back and walking away.

"The Frogmarch" 7:15pm Thursday May 4 New Haven Film Festival - Gateway Community College from Thomas Carruthers on Vimeo.

05.04.17 - 7:15 pm
2 hours 15 minutes
Gateway Community College