Tri-State Shorts NY / NJ III

7:45pm Friday May 4

Tri-State NY NJ Shorts III

Green Shoes    Directed by: Ryan Shuler.    In 1960’s suburbia, a 14-year-old girl befriends a 47-year-old man to cope with the knowledge of her father’s affairs. The man, a WW2 veteran, has developed an obsession with innocence after experiencing the horrors of the war. After being coerced into making the relationship sexual, the girl mistakes her feelings for love, and becomes obsessed with the man-- who is no longer interested.     
She's Marrying Steve
  Directed by: Erika Kramer. A 20-something woman gets invited to her ex-girlfriend's wedding to a man and decides to go. Despite her disapproval of the wedding, she travels to Connecticut for the weekend where she reunites with old friends and her ex and gains a new perspective on her past relationship.   

All About Rita    Directed by: Alexandru Aldea. A husband who suspects his wife is cheating engages a private detective. He finds out more than he bargained for...   

Sure-Fire    Directed by: Michael Goldburg. SURE-FIRE is a short, fast-paced crime comedy about a New York City con man, played by the hilarious PJ Marshall ("Luke Cage," "American Horror Story," "Underground"), who stumbles into becoming a movie producer to pay off gangsters threatening to kill him. SURE-FIRE recalls New York comedies from Woody Allen ("Broadway Danny Rose") and Mel Brooks ("The Producers") as well as Hollywood crime comedies like "The Big Lebowski," "Pulp Fiction," and "Get Shorty."    Benny Boon, a New York City con man, needs to come up with $50,000 in 3 days to pay off a gangster--or else. Luckily, he meets a washed-up actress, Kitty Kinkaid, who's desperate for a comeback and claims to have the money to bankroll a screenplay. Benny then poses as a movie producer and hooks her with a script called "A Woman on the Edge." Problem is, the script doesn't exist, and Benny doesn't know how to write one. So he places an ad on Craigslist for a screenwriter and puts his scheme into high gear.   

Sunset    Directed by: Gary Jaffe. In the days following Pearl Harbor, a young man must decide whether to serve overseas or stay in New York with his streetwise male lover.   

AMYDEE    Directed by: Amy DePaola. Since surviving a physical assault on the steps of her apartment, Amy DePaola (30) has been keeping a low profile while visiting a local boxing gym. When a young woman turns up dead in her neighborhood, Amy is forced to face her fears again, revealing that her real fight is far from over. Inspired by true events and melding narrative with cinéma vérité, AMYDEE. is writer-director-actor Amy DePaola’s meditation on reclaiming one’s power in an uncontrollable modern world.   

Lemonade Stand    Directed by: Justin Appleton.    A resourceful young girl scout attempts to take on the  establishment after her lemonade stand gets shut down  for not having a proper permit.   

STRUT Web Series Pilot    Directed by: Michelle Cutolo. A reclusive nerd begins a journey to self-confidence by forming a successful escorting agency with her three best friends.   

1978  Directed by: Misha Calvert. In a 1978 fictional news segment, journalist Fran Francis interviews the eccentric socialites of Club Decadence, a legendary nightclub in New York City, highlighting the many similarities between then and now. 


05.04.18 - 7:45 pm
1 hour 57 minutes