"Food Haven" World Premiere - 7:00pm Friday May 5

Triple Feature With Short Films "Risky Business" & "The End Of Sushi"

A “Celebration of Culture" A look into the ever-evolving food culture of New Haven, Connecticut. A city that at one point was considered one of the most dangerous in America, has focused its efforts into becoming a diverse culinary food mecca. Narrated by New Haven's award winning chefs and diverse locals, enjoy a deeper look into a city that’s national recognition often gets left on the back burner. Featuring White House recognized chef Bun Lai of Miya’s Sushi as well as other award winning chefs/owners of restaurants such as Jason Sobocinski (Caseus), John Ginnetti (116 Crown), Jean Pierre Vuillermet (Union League Café), Prasad Chirnomula (Thali), Francesco d’Muri (L’Orcio) as well as many others. Enjoy the roller coaster ride of “Food Haven”, narrated by amazing dishes and diverse locals, you will be sure to leave the theater feeling better connected to the city of New Haven and very hungry!

After moving back to Connecticut with a fresh perspective and appreciation for his hometown, O’Connor decided to showcase the amazing melting pot of New Haven. “I remember growing up in New Haven, it was always a special occasion when my parents would take me to a restaurant downtown but now that I am older, I spend almost every day in the city.”

"Risky Business" Directed by: Taylor Lewis - The founders of Five Sushi Brothers and The Mighty Baker reflect on how taking risks has been challenging yet rewarding.

"The End Of Sushi" Directed by: Tyler Mifflin & Alex Mifflin - Sushi has evolved from being a niche, exotic cuisine into one of the most popular foods in the world. The Brothers travel across North America to investigate the impact of this cuisine on health of the ocean and meet sushi chefs who are introducing customers to more sustainable seafood options.

Alex and Tyler Mifflin are the award-winning hosts and creators of the acclaimed documentary eco-adventure television series The Water Brothers. Over the past five years, they have travelled around the globe, from the highest peak in Africa and the world’s mightiest rivers, to the bottom of the ocean, exploring the most important water stories of our time. Commissioned by TVOntario, the series airs in over 40 countries, including the United States where it is available in 47 million homes on Participant Media’s Pivot TV. Winners of the Blue Ocean Best Broadcast Series award 2016 and the BBC Earth Best Newcomers award at the Wildscreen Film Festival, the Brothers’ passion for water conservation has led them to become water ambassadors in Canada and around the world. They strongly believe in ensuring audiences and particularly youth understand the true value of our post precious resource and are aware of the emerging solutions that will help us overcome the challenges we face together.



05.05.17 - 7:00 pm
2 hours 30 minutes
Gateway Community College