"Einstein's God Model" Sci-Fi Connecticut Premiere

5:15pm Friday May 5 - Gateway CC

Directed by New Haven Resident: Philip Johnson

"Einstein's God Model" is an independent feature film that explores the connection between quantum physics, string theory, and life after death.

EGM Trailer 2016 from Einsteins God Model on Vimeo.


Director Biography

Growing up in New England, Philip T.. Johnson developed his filmmaking skills directing various "epic" productions with the neighborhood kids. After directing a number of shorts at the NYU intensive film program, he soon discovered that self-financing a feature film required a more "robust" income. Applying his other passion for science, Philip obtained a Masters of Science in Anesthesiology at the USC School of Medicine. This allowed him to finance his first feature film "Einstein's God Model".


05.05.17 - 5:15 pm
1 hour 30 minutes
Gateway Community College