Ineternational Shorts I New England Premieres

11:45am Thur May 3

International Shorts I

Mary  Croatia Directed By: Juraj Primorac.     Marinko is an assistant worker in the tow-away service. He lives in  a cheap rented flat in Zagreb and  has only one friend although it sometimes seems better not to have even that one. Recently, he has been having visions of the Virgin Mary everywhere: in stone, in the clouds, in a glass. Marinko is not sane.

Three August Days    Estonia  Directed By: Madli Laane.  In the midst of the political upheaval of the early 1990s, an Estonian girl and a Russian boy reach across cultural lines to unite over a shared bottle of American soda.

Hello Sunshine     United Kingdom  Directed By: Luke Albert.    Newly single Jimi has been invited to the bohemian bedroom of the free-spirited Esther. Over the course of the evening, Esther shows another side of herself and reveals a secret that changed her life forever.

Things That Bleed  United Kingdom  Directed By: Festival Formula Ltd.    A failing actor, haunted by his girlfriend's abortion; slowly descends into madness as he is unable to ignore events from his past.

#together4likes  Sweden  Directed By: Camilla Liljestrand. A couple is together for media attention.

Limit  Iran, Islamic Republic of   Directed By: Javad Jaraei. Someone in a quiet area asked help from the people who he sees till someone enters the house and suddenly…

Be my B.    Poland   Directed By: Agnieszka Labenz. Somewhere in a city there lives a single young man. One time he leaves his home to find other people. Do they  understand him? Does he want to be understood?

05.03.18 - 11:45 am
1 hour 31 minutes