CT Filmmaker Shorts Showcase I

6:15pm Friday May 4 - Gateway CC

An Eclectic Mix Of Nutmeg Styles

CT Filmmakers Shorts Showcase I

Brunch  Directed by: Jordan Cooper.    After two months of dating his first serious girlfriend, Ethan Lewis discovers something about her personal life that may be a deal breaker. As he anxiously waits for her to show up on what could be their final date, he looks back on their brief relationship.   

The Homecoming  Directed by: Analisa Robertson.    Claire returns home to introduce her new fiance, Sean, who will soon be the first African American in the family. Trouble ensues as Sean is exposed to their cultural insensitivity, racism and hazing. Can their love endure this homecoming? Based on several true and exaggerated events.
Vacation Rental   Directed by: Matt    Newton. A short dark comedy about a gay couple whose romantic getaway in Palm Springs turns deadly.  Starring Van Hansis ("Eastsiders") and Matt Newton ("Ugly Betty," "Poster Boy”).

Healing Without Hurting: A Story of Treating Autism Naturally & Taking Control of Your Health.
Directed by:    Mark DeNicola. One mother's (Jennifer Kozek) relentless pursuit outside of mainstream medicine to successfully heal her son (Evan Kozek) from autism naturally. As a certified psychotherapist, Jennifer had seen both the positives and negatives to conventional treatment, and knew that it wasn't the answer to truly healing Evan.    It was initially filmed to be featured within the feature-length documentary HEAL, but did not make the final cut.

Charcoal    Directed by: Francesca Andre.    Charcoal, a short film which studies colorism in the black community, has been nominated and will be shown at several international film festivals. The film captures the stories of two black women, as they embark on a lifelong journey to overcome internalized colorism, find self-acceptance, and ultimately redemption.

Prints  Directed by: Mickey Adolph. Sometimes cleaning can be a little scary.

05.04.18 - 6:15 pm
1 hour 1 minute