May 16 - 18, 2019 Downtown New Haven


"Bernadette" LYAO Award Winning Romantic Comedy
8:15pm Thur May 16 From The City That Brought You "Bueller"

1994 was the perfect summer... for heartache. At 15, Archie Kinsler has an impossible goal: to win the heart of Bernadette, a much older French foreign exchange student and local lifeguard, before she returns home at the end of the season. To gain her affection, Archie enlists the help of his first boss, Dixon, a local lothario, suburban legend, and the park district’s least valuable employee. Under Dixon's tutelage, Archie and his friends learn about love, adulthood, and all the things that books can’t teach.


"BatSh*t Bride " CT Grown World Premiere
6:30pm Friday May 17

Batsh*t Bride 81 min. Dir. Jonathan Smith - On April Fools' Day, just before her wedding, a bride pranks her fiancé by saying that she thinks that they've lost that spark and that they should call off the wedding and break up, only to discover that he feels the exact same way.


"The Dog Walker" Psychological Thriller World Premiere
6:45pm Thur May 16 - Gateway CC

An investigative journalist, crippled with an anxiety disorder, retires from the field after a traumatic assignment on a dogfighting ring but is forced to confront the unresolved story when a psychotic stalker causes her new life to unravel.



Sneak Preview Screening Gateway Community College

Mysterious events unfold and reveal how Martha, a Polish holocaust survivor, managed to lead a double life in Australia. The vivacious Jewish artist and doting mother, died without ever revealing her secret.


"Harvest Season" New Haven Premiere
5:00pm Thursday May 16 Gateway Community College

Harvest Season delves into the lives of people who work behind the scenes of the premium California wine industry, during one of the most dramatic grape harvests in recent memory. The film follows the stories of Mexican-American winemakers and migrant workers who are essential to the wine business, yet are rarely recognized for their contributions.




"TransGeek" Movie
4:45pm Friday May 17

Colombia, 1948. Liberals and Conservatives are engaged in a bloody war. In the state of Tolima, several liberal farmers are massacred by Conservative forces, among them Rosalba Velasco’s husband. The mother of a two-year-old child, Rosalba decides to seek revenge on her own, wreaking bloody chaos on the countryside.TransGeek Movie brings together the stories of transgender people working in the tech industry and existing within geek culture.


NY & NJ Tri- State Filmmaker Shorts Showcase I
4:45pm Friday May 17

NY & NJ Tri- State Shorts I:  Pretty People Inc., Definetly Soy, Roadside Assistance, Division Ave., Manifest, The Suggestion Box


"Take Care Of Emily" CT Filmmaker World Premiere
8:00pm Friday May 17 - Gateway CC

Take Care of Emily  105 min. Dir. Nicholas Rapuano - After a tragedy, Autumn Reece is left legal guardian of her teenage sister, Emily. Four years into living their altered life, the sisters are faced with disagreements of each other's future and behavioral habits while Emily plans what she wants in life after she graduates high school.


CT Filmmaker Shorts Showcase II
6:00pm Friday May 17 - Gateway CC
An Eclectic Mix Of Nutmeg Styles

CT Filmmaker Shorts II Fri 6:00pm Room N100B

120 YEARS, Women, HOT 'N' NERDY, CORKY, Wake Up!, The Equatorial Calms, The River (PSA)

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Welcome To NHIFF  V

Download 2019 Program

The Fifth Annual Festival Springs Into Action With Films To Explore, Entertain And Inspire! May 16,17 &18 At Gateway Communitty College. This year Connecticut & International Films Again Dominate 2019 Festival Line Up


This year’s NHIFF line up of 189 films is represented by some of the most intriguing and thought provoking film projects of the year. The films cover a wide range of subjects with an emphasis on: Human Rights, Peace (without military intervention), Social Justice, LGBT, STRONG WOMEN, and many of the world’s inequalities and injustices. But, not all films are necessarily on serious topics.

There are many films to explore. Mix and match narrative features with important stories, powerful documentaries, comedy and dramatic short films, and incredible student films, animations, micro shorts and even advertisements! Be entertained, become informed and enlightened. LEARN. But, most importantly, walk away inspired and empowered. $20.00 a day ($15.00 on SaturdaY)  is the best deal in town. And, there’s FREE Parking to boot at the Temple Street Garage. “Yes Virginia”  there is Free parking in New Haven. Just be sure to get your garage ticket validated.


So what’s playing at the movies? Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store at the 2019 New Haven International Film Festival: Connecticut and International film productions again dominated the 2019 accepted submissions and hence the schedule.

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All films will be screened at Gateway Community College. Festival attendees should enter the College at the corner of Church Street and George Street in downtown New Haven.

All Access Discount Day passes for the festival are $20.00 on Thursday and Friday, $15.00 on Saturday and include FREE parking at the Temple Street Garage adjacent to the college. All parking stubs must be validated at the security desk. Parking stubs that have not been validated will not be honored upon leaving the garage. The garage can be entered from the right lane of  (Rte 34 N) Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., just after the intersection of Church Street.  

For more information visit: and join us at 203-247-4273


Tickets Available On The Schedule Pages And Film Information Pages By Clicking On The Blue "Buy Tickets" Button