Rising Star - Southbury Premiere - Q&A With Director: Marty Lang

Introduction And Q&A with Rising Star Director: Marty Lang

Chris, an overworked insurance adjuster, finds out one Friday that layoffs are coming at work, and that he'll have to work the weekend. He drowns his sorrows at the local bar, but later that night, he meets Alyza, a girl he’s been talking with online, in real life for the first time.

After meeting, they spend the night together, but the next morning, he doesn’t remember what happened. And to make matters worse, Alyza remembers – but won’t tell him.
After Chris discovers he’s lost his car keys, Alyza offers to hang out with him for the day, until the local bar opens and he can get his keys back. They spend the day together, visiting cultural landmarks in Hartford, and happily, they get along well. They also realize they share a common bond: they both have passions in their lives outside of work; Chris loves astronomy, and Alyza loves fashion, poetry, dancing, music ... just about everything. Chris feels he's found a kindred spirit, and begins to think there could be more to life than just work.
But work won't go away quietly. All throughout their day, work constantly contacts Chris, trying to get him to come back. Plus, as he spends the day with her, he begins to think Alyza may not be telling him the whole truth about her working life. So as the sun sets in the insurance capitol of the world, Chris must decide if work is the only thing he can devote himself to.


05.19.13 - 7:00 pm
2 hours
The Heritage Hotel and Conference Center