April 2016


The Adoption Agency

Before Kim Jong Il (REX LEE from HBO's Entourage) can adopt an American baby worthy enough to take over his empire, he must first charm the panel of interviewers at the adoption agency.


Sun 7:00pm Last Of The Lubricent Reception & Closing Night "Celebrity Shorts Block" Shorts Block

7:00pm - The Last Of The Lubricant Reception - Network with a final glass of wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverage and get set for the "Celebrity Shorts" Block at 7:30pm featuring Funny or Die.


Fri 4:00pm "Boys, Toys & Goys" - Shorts Block

Dating can be tough... especially when you're dating a superhero. James has wanted a date with Diana all his life - but he quickly learns that sometimes the women of our dreams aren't as wonderful as we might have hoped. Even if they're Wonder Woman.


Sat 1:00pm "Armageddon' Hungry!" - Shorts Block
How To Lose Weight In 60 Seconds

From fad diets to extreme measures, it's a whirlwind minute road-testing 12 approaches to weight loss.


Sun 5:00pm "Liars and Tigers and Bears" - Shorts Block

Liars and Tigers and Bears - Shorts Block | 90 min.


Sat 3:00pm "Better Than Birth Control" Shorts Block

A pair of distinguished IVF scientists struggle to get pregnant - but you can't make babies without making love.


4 Pounds

Over the course of four life changing weeks, an actor focuses his considerable will on the goal of losing some weight. As the people in his life try to dissuade him from his ruinous path, he ignores them in his headlong rush towards self destruction.

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The L.A. Team


Gary Anthony Williams Jeannie Roshar Ryan Higman
Artistic Director Festival Director Festival Producer

Welcome to the New York Comedy Shorts Film Festival

The L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, the largest comedy film festival in the USA, is dedicated to introducing the newest and hottest comedic talent in a three-day, non-stop smackdown of more than 99 comedic short films with screenings, industry panels, lots of industry networking and of course big parties and one hell of an awards presentation on Friday Night to honor Emmy Award comedy writer: Mike Reiss (Simpsons, Ice Age, Queer Duck...) when he will be awarded the coveted LACS "Commie" for his brilliant career in film, television and theater. 
The Best Of 2009 and 2010 L.A. Comedy Shorts left Connecticut Film Festival audiences in stitches… speechless, gulping for air, and still…Wanting More!  So, the directors of LACS and CTFF decided for the first time ever, to head East! Let's bring it to Connecticut to create an annual East Coast Encore of our hilarious event. Spend the weekend with us and stay with our exclusive hotel partner The Ramada Plaza Downtown Hartford or attend for the day.
Join celebrities, comedians, writers and other industry professionals at our evening parties. Hone your comedy writing chops at workshops and panels, and of course see over 99 comedy short films vetted by some of the funniest people in the industry. Major supporters include Will Ferrell and Judd Apatow’s website FunnyorDie.com, Cartoon Network, Atom.com and “Atom TV” on Comedy Central, and Fremantle’s Atomic Wedgie. Many folks you probably know in the comedy world drop by and lend their faces and talents. Jeff Garlin, Bryan Cranston, Laraine Newman, Wayne Brady, Bobcat Goldthwait and many others have sat on panels, judged films or simply popped in to show their support and eat free popcorn.See what short film comedy is all about on the other coast.

Be forewarned, LACS Is Off The Wall, Edgy, Provocative, Can Cause Brief Moments Of Hysterical Laughter And, At Times Be - Outright Offensive. Be prepared for those uncomfortable moments when you see your boss exiting the same provocative block of films.



Past Celebrity Judges and Panelist