"Talking Sticks" World Film Premiere At Co-Op HS & After Party!

Premiere Film & Party Pass $25 Film Only $8.00

Q&A With Director & After Party

Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School - Theater entrance is at the corner of College and Crown Streets

Saturday Night Film & After Party
5:00pm Saturday, March 29
"Talking Sticks" World Premiere
Doors Open: 4:00pm
Film Followed by a Q&A with Producer Arthur Lipner and Director Marcelo Pontes"
Premiere After Party: 9:00 - at 45 Church Street

The Pass for this film is also a day pass and entitles you to film screenings, workshops, panels and the keynote speaker at Gateway Community College PLUS  "Talking Sticks" and Premiere After Party! 

“Music is part of life. There is music for every occasion. We don’t need to teach music in our schools when it can be taught in the family setting…” Bernard Woma, Medie, GHANA
“My family has been making marimbas here for over 100 years. I was born in this building.” Carlos Nandayapa, Chiapas, MEXICO
“Water is an amazing thing. It even makes music. There may be part of people’s souls in these instruments.” Terje Isungset, Geilo NORWAY

Extraordinary Concert and Interview Footage from Mexico, Ghana,
Brazil, Norway and USA

The desire to create and communicate is within all of us. To what lengths do we go in search of our own personal expression? How can our individual commitment to creativity and our own inner voice enrich our lives, our childrens’ lives, and the lives of those around us? To what lengths do we go in our balancing inner and outer struggles, their role in our identity, and our purpose in life? Percussionist Arthur Lipner’s story is individual, but his journey is universal. It’s a human journey. A timeless inner journey and a fascinating outer journey. TALKING STICKS. We begin…

Lipner’s main instruments are the keyboard percussion instruments marimba and vibraphone (vibes). The marimba was one of the first pitched instruments created on the planet. Yet, with the all the music we are surrounded with, people rarely know what his instruments are. That drives him crazy. At least it used to.

It started with an inner journey, a journey shared by not only other percussionists but anyone with a creative essence - or, even, greater, anyone looking for a sense of meaning. Then came the seeds for the outer journey to understand how can instruments so old and integral in so many cultures be missing from most western countries (including his own). Where can he go to get connected to the roots of his instruments?

Then came the film TALKING STICKS....travels to Africa, Central/South America and Europe in a search to explore the role of percussion and music in different cultures. Then came the surprises. These journeys turned into beautiful and inspiring experiences which grace TALKINGS STICKS with extraordinary global images, unusual concert footage, profound interviews and thought-provoking messages about the Arts, creativity and culture. Along the way the viewer shares in Arthur’s journey: we all have a gift…what can we do to nurture and share it with the world around us?

Footage includes a marimba factory in Southern Mexico, the National Dance Company of Ghana in a small village, Carnival in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the Brazil National Symphony Orchestra, performance on an ice xylophone in Norway, and more…

Along the way, leading percussionists offer their personal stories and insights. Vibists Gary Burton and Mike Mainieri, two of the top players of the instrument ever, speak openly about their life’s work. Vida Chenoweth, known as “the first concert marimbist”, is interviewed. All speak of the challenges facing them due to their attraction to and passion for mallet percussion. In Chicago, we see the manufacturing process of vibes and marimbas at the Musser plant. We also visit leading mallet-maker Mike Balter’s production facility.

TALKING STICKS illustrates the connectivity of our global village through music and self-expression. Join Arthur in this extraordinary documentary laden with many riches. His sticks are talking to you!

Please stay tuned to this website for screenings, performances, and the 2013 release of this extraordinary documentary.…everyone will be TALKING STICKS!

Production: Shot in Brazil, Ghana, Mexico, Norway and USA. Edited in Rio de Janeiro and NYC.
Starring: Arthur Lipner, Gary Burton, Mike Mainieri, Vida Chenoweth and others.
Directed by Marcelo Pontes & Flavia Fontes
Written by Numerous writers
Edit by Falvia Fontes
Associate Editor: Marcelo Pontes
Produced by Arthur Lipner (World Mallet Group, Inc.)

03.29.14 - 5:00 pm
1 hour 15 minutes
Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School